Water Bomb Tag

Water Bombs

Water bomb tag is oceans of fun! It’ very cardiovascular and helps with hand-eye coordination too.

This is a variation of the common school yard game of tag. It’s made better by the addition of water so get ready to get wet!

What you need:

  • Water bombs
  • Water
  • Clothes you can get wet

This is an outdoor game for three or more children (or adults). Water bombs can only be thrown below the shoulders.

How to play:

  1. Fill up some balloons with water. Get an adult to tie them if they are difficult
  2. Decide on a ‘safe zone’ where you can’t be caught. This could be a particular end of the garden, the porch or around a tree.
  3. Pick a person to be ‘It’. This person is the chaser who has to catch people by throwing a water bomb at them!
  4. Everyone starts at the safe zone. The person who is ‘It’ stands nearby holding a water bomb. When they shout ‘Go!’ everyone has to leave the safe zone.
  5. The person who is ‘It’ counts to five and them runs after their friends. If he/she manages to hit someone with a water bomb that person then becomes ‘It’. They must shout out “[child’s name] is now It!”
  6. The new ‘It’ picks up a water bomb and starts chasing friends trying to hit someone with a water bomb.
  7. The safe zone can be used at any time. If a child throws a water bomb and it doesn’t hit anyone, they pick up another water bomb and start chasing again.

This game can last as long as the water bombs lasts. Don’t forgot to get the kids to pick up the burst balloons afterwards!


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