Shoe Finder

Kids shoesThis is a scavenger hunt for fancy and not so fancy footwear.

What you need:

  • Selection of shoes, boots and wellies
  • Paper and pencil
  • Timer

This is an an indoor or outdoor game for one or more children. After each ‘hunt’ a little tidy up of the hunting area is mandatory!

How to play:

  1. Get together 5 to 10 pairs of shoes, boots and wellies (some from each family member.)
  2. Break into two teams and name your team.
  3. On a piece of paper draw as many columns as teams and write each team’s name on top. On another piece of name write down the scoring system: Wellies, 10 points; Boots, 5 points; shoes, 2 points.
  4. Decide on an area to play e.g. the garden, the bedrooms, all of downstairs etc. Decide on how many shoes, boots or wellies to hide – start small. Decide on how many hunts to do.
  5. One team goes to another room where they can’t see or hear the other team. The other team begins hiding their footwear.
  6. The first team is given 1 minute to find as many shoes as possible. Once the time is up bring all the found shoes together and count the score.
  7. Repeat 5 and 6 for the next team.
  8. Increase the number of shoes and amount of time for the next rounds.
  9. The winning team is the one with the highest score.


Image source: benleto via Compfight cc

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