Mother May I

This is a great concentration game for kids and quite imaginative allowing the kids to create moves and shapes!

What you need:

  • Just people!

How to play:

  1. One person is It and stands at one end of the yard/garden. Everyone else stands in a line facing It.
  2. It calls to each player one at a time giving them directions for the type of move forward they can take and how many e.g. “Taragh, take 5 hops forward on your left foot.” These can be simple requests like steps or hope or more difficult ones like ‘spin around and hop 3 times and clap you hands. They can even be really crazy one’s like ‘pretend you’re popcorn and pop 5 times’ – It can demonstrate the action!
  3. Before the person called can step forward they must ask It “Mother may I?”. If they don’t ask, they go back to the starting line and miss their turn.
  4. If they do ask, It responds with “Yes you may”. The person can then complete their action.
  5. It calls on each person over and over. The winner is the first person to get to It.

Image source: horrigans via Compfight cc

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