Make And Move

Make and Move logo‘Make & Move’ combines two favourite kid’s activities – crafts and physical play! Here we have activities that start with a little arts and crafts and ends with a lots of huff and puff 🙂



Animal Charades

Animal CharadesCut up some pieces of paper and get the kids to write the name of one animal on each piece along with a drawing of that animal – using markers or colouring pencils. To avoid repeats give them a letter to two that each animal starts with e.g. any animal beginning with B, D and R etc. Fold up the pieces of paper and pop into a bowl. Take turns to pull out a piece of paper and act out the animal – no sounds just movements! Once someone guesses, everyone has to pretend to be the animal!

Activity Dice



Print off our Activity Dice. Cut and stick together to make your own dice. Then roll and do the activities the amount of times it says. Adults roll and do too!



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