Child juggling

Learning to juggle helps with hand-eye coordination, gripping and fine motor skills

Juggling isn’t just for clowns; it’s for anyone who wants to learn a new party trick, improve their hand-eye coordination or entertain their friends. you can build up to as many balls as you want but perhaps start with one, then two then three.

What your Need:

  • Juggling balls

If you don’t have juggling balls use bean bags or another ball or bag filled with sand. Bouncy balls can be used but you’ll spend ages running after them if you drop them!

How to Juggle

  1. Start by using one ball and passing it from hand to hand in a high arch. Develop the throw and catch by dipping your hands in a circular motion.
  2. Introduce a second ball and throw simultaneously. Practice!
  3. Introduce a third ball. Practice some more!

We love this instructional page from WiKi How:


Learn to juggle on WikiHow


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