Hopscotch is a fun hoping game invented by Roman soldiers who threw boulders instead of stones. Yikes! The object of the game is to throw and collect a stone on each boxed number by hoping up and down the track.

What you need:

  • Chalk
  • A small stone or bean bag
  • A yard, street or patio

This game can be played by one or more children. It can also be play inside by using making tape instead of chalk.

 How to play:

  1. Draw out your hopscotch track like the one in the picture. Make the squares big enough so that the children’s feet can land safely inside them. You can include as many numbers as you wish but must finish on a single square.
  2. The first child throws the stone on the first square. It has to land inside the square for the child to continue. If the stone lands outside the square they miss their turn. Oops!
  3. The child hops over the square with the stone in it but hops or jumps on every other square. So if you start at ‘1’ you skip/miss 1 and hop and jump up to ’13’ and back.
  4. You hop on single squares and jump, with two feet, on double squares. If two feet touch a single square or the child jumps outside any square, they lose their turn. Oops again!
  5. On the last square the child turns while hoping and hops and jumps back down the track. On the square before where the stone is, the child, balancing on one foot, bends down and picks up the stone. They hop to the end.
  6. On the child’s next turn they throw the stone on the second square. Again, they don’t jump on that square, hop and jump up the track, turn, hop and jump down the track picking up the stone on the way.
  7. This continues until the stone has been thrown on each square.

The winner is the person who has completed the track the most without making a mistake 🙂

Change it up:

Amend the game for your child.





  • Throw the bean bag or stone onto any square. Encourage your child to throw in an upward motion (from the side, not the shoulder)
  • Jump with two feet onto each of the squares all the way up and down and then hop into all the squares all the way up and down


  • Jump with two feet onto each of the squares or hop on one foot through the squares
  • Shout out each number when it’s jumped or hopped into



  • Be strict with precision – jump inside the squares, bean should land on the number
  • Get kids to hop on their non-dominant foot

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