Zoom Boom Club!

Take the hassle out of physical activity classes and run a Zoom Boom Club in your school or sports club! Our physical activity programmes provide fun games and activities to help primary school aged children develop skills, muscle tone, strength, coordination and general fitness. Devised by an occupational therapist with a background in health, fitness and nutrition, it’s like PE on a plate!

The Zoom Boom Club Programme includes:

6 Week Programme

You can choose to run the programme as an after-school activity, as a replacement to a normal PE class or as a six week skills focused workshop in your club. Elements of the programme include:

  • All games and activities for six one hour sessions are clearly explained in the teacher/coach manual which includes images, tips and helpful checklists
  • Our skills building activities and games target hand and upper body strength; core and lower body strength; fine and gross motor coordination; hand eye coordination; and general cardiovascular fitness
  • Games and activities are devised for the average skill level of three age groups: 4 and 5 year olds, 6 and 7 years olds, and 8 year olds and over.
  • Games and activities incorporate age related curriculum particularly around maths, English and geography (ROI and NI)
  • Certificates are awarded to all children at the end of the programme
  • A pre-set up training session is delivered to the teacher/coach which includes information sheets for parents


Our homework programme encourages children to do at least 210 minutes of physical activity of their choice at home every week – that’s only half an hour a day! Elements include:

  • Ideas and suggestions for games and everyday activities that will get them ‘huffing and puffing’
  • Tracker sheets are used to help the children keep track of their activity and their rewards
  • Reward stickers are given to children for participation and achievements
  • A club chart is used for the group to see their club’s achievements every week (no individual scores are revealed)

To find our more about our schools programme contact Brenda on 086 176 6000 or brenda@zoomboomkids.com 



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