Tip The Can

This is a twist on the always classic tag and involves releasing prisoners by touching a can or other designed item.Tip the Can

What you need:

  • Just people!

This is an outdoor game for a group of people. It can be played inside if the area is large and safe enough to run around in.

How to play:

  1. A can or other object is placed in the middle of the play area and another area is designated as ‘jail’ e.g. around a tree, on the front steps, in a corner.
  2. One person is ‘it’ and has to tag people as they run about. If someone is tagged they go to ‘jail’.
  3. People can only get out of jail if someone not in jail ‘tips the can’ i.e. touches the can/object. If someone tips the can everyone in jail goes free! (Some people play it that each tip only frees one prisoner – the first person in jail.)


Image source: *MarS via Compfight cc

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