Teacher Training

Zoom Boom Kids teacher training helps teachers in creches and schools to improve their pupil’s fitness and physical skills. These improvements can lead to better physical and behavioural conduct in school, on the sports ground and at home.


Funpraxia is an easy to read, practical introduction to Dyspraxia which includes a 4-week PE plan. It is available in hardback or online.

  • Do you have or suspect you have a child or pupil with dyspraxia?
  • Are you bamboozled by all of the terminology used when describing this complicated condition?
  • Have you been searching for a simple, clear and easy skills building and strengthening home or PE programme that is fun but makes real changes?

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Whiteboard Courses

The following whiteboard courses will soon be available from Zoom Boom Kids. Sign up to our newsletter for notifications when we launch these:

Workshop 1: Identifying and Managing Dyspraxia and other motor disorders in the classroom

Elements of the course include:

  • Childhood physical developmental milestones by age
  • The role of physical skills in childhood
  • The impact of poorly developed physical skills
  • Recognising dyspraxia and referral process
  • Practical tools to manage disorders and mainstream interventions

Worskshop 2: Creating Effective PE and Break Time Activities to Improve Classroom Function

Elements of the course include:

  • How movement disorders present in the classroom
  • The link between learning and physical skills
  • Blending natural play and skills building
  • Increasing and decreasing intensity to suit all levels
  • Creating habits and building rewards
  • Engaging parents

Call Brenda today to learn more about our training: 00 353 86 176 6000 or email Brenda for more information.

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