Stuck In The Mud

Stuck in the MudThis is a twist on the always classic tag and involves chasing and ‘untagging’ people by going through their spread legs.

What you need:

  • Just people!

This is an outdoor game for a group of people. It can be played inside if the area is large and safe enough to run around in.

How to play:

  1. One person is chosen to be ‘it’. They have to tag as many people as possible by touching that person’s back or shoulder. Everyone else has to avoid being tagged by ‘it’.
  2. ‘It’ stands in the middle of a circle made by everyone else playing the game. When ‘it’ shouts go everyone begins running away from ‘it’
  3. If someone is caught by ‘it’ they stand still (where they were caught) and spread their legs so someone can go under – they become stuck. If someone manages to go through their legs, they become unstuck. They stay still otherwise.
  4. The game ends when ‘it’ has tagged everyone and they’re all stuck! (Or you can make it easier and set a number of people ‘it’ has to catch.


Image source: Today is a good day via Compfight cc

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