Simon Says

Simon Says

This old school favourite is great for large groups of children (and adults).

What you need:

  • Just people!

How to play:

  1. One child is ‘it’ and stands facing the other children, who line up in front of ‘it’.
  2. ‘It’ comes up with moves that he/she and the other children have to do e.g. hop on one foot, turn around twice, leap like a frog etc
  3. The children can only do the move if ‘It’ says ‘Simon says’ before their instruction e.g. ‘Simon says jump on your right foot and touch your nose with your left hand’.
  4. If ‘It’ doesn’t say ‘Simon Says’, the children do not do the move. ‘It’ will always do the move so the children may be caught out if they just watch instead of listen.
  5. Any child that makes a move when they shouldn’t, is out of the game. The winner is the last person left standing.


Image source: Zoom Boom Kids

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