Red Rover

Group of children

This old school favourite is great for large groups of children (and adults).

What you need:

  • Just people!

If adults are playing they have to get down on their knees for this game and rather than holding hands, the children on either side have to hold onto the adults two fingers.

How to play:

  1. Divide the group into two teams with the same number of children and adults
  2. Each group stands in a line 30 feet apart, facing each other. Everyone in the line holding hands. Wrist holding is not allowed!
  3. The first team starts by ‘calling’ over a player of their choice from the opposite team. They say “Red rover, red rover we call [name of child] over!”.
  4. The child called over has to run and try to break through the joined hands of the opposite team. Children can try to break through where ever they want but they cannot go over or under.
  5. If they do break through the hands they can take one person from that team back with them to their team. If they don’t break through they have to join the opposite team.
  6. The next team takes their go. And then back to the first team and so on.
  7. The winning team is the one with the most members left when no more turns can be taken!

Image source: Zoom Boom Kids

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