Zoom Book Kids chief aim to help parents improve and build on their children’s physical health and well-being. We believe in empowering parents and giving them the tools to help their children develop skills like coordination, balance and core strength. While essential for all children it is especially important for children with Dyspraxia or developmental coordination disorders.

Here are some of the ways we can support parents:


Funpraxia is an easy to read, practical introduction to Dyspraxia which includes a 4 week activity plan. It is available in hardback or online.

  • Do you have or suspect you have a child or pupil with dyspraxia?
  • Are you bamboozled by all of the terminology used when describing this complicated condition?
  • Have you been searching for a simple, clear and easy skills building and strengthening home or PE programme that is fun but makes real changes?

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We will soon be launching a number of online training courses for parents jam packed with information and practical tools to help you and your child with dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and other issues.

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Games Centre

Check out our compilation of fun games and activities for all the family. These new and old games have been specifically chosen and devised to build strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and other skills. They are great for children with Dyspraxia and other developmental coordination disorders but equally good for all kids (and adults)

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