Halloween Games

Some traditional, modern and scary games for Halloween fun!

Witches HatWitches on Broomsticks

What you need: Balloons, markers

How to play:

  1. Give each child a blown up balloon and a marker. get them to draw a witches face on the balloon.
  2. Decide on an obstacle course e.g. start at the kitchen door, go around kitchen table, over the sofa and finish at the front door.
  3. Each child has to balance their witch (balloon) on their broomstick (marker) while going around the obstacle course.
  4. The winner is the fastest person to bring their witch home!



Squish The Pumpkin

What you need: 6 prints out of pumpkins (as below), 3 pairs of rolled up socks

How to play:

  1. Print out six of these pumpkin printables and cut them out
  2. Put a number on each pumpkin – 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60
  3. Place them on the floor, spaced out with the smallest numbers at the front. Mark a starting line a few feet away from the pumpkins.
  4. Each child stands at the starting line and tries to get the socks on the face of a pumpkin, scoring the points on his face.


FireSitting On Fire

What you need: A chair for each child, something red you can put on the chair (scarf, tea-towel), music

How to play

  1. Arrange the chairs back to back and on one put the red scarf or sheet – this is the fire!
  2. As you play the music the children must walk around the chairs. When the music stops they have to sit on a seat as quick as possible. Who ever ends up sitting on the fire, is out of the game!
  3. Take one chair away each time a child is out.




Catch the Ghost

What your need: Sheets of paper, marker, straws, cups

How to play:

  1. Take one sheet of paper for each player/team. Cut it up into 8 squares. Have the kids draw a ghost on each square.
  2. Put all the ghosts at one end of the table in equal piles for each player/team. Put a cup at the opposite end of the table.
  3. Using a straw each player has to move a ghost from the starting pile into the cup. Put your straw on a ghost and suck on the straw so the ghost ‘sticks’ to the straw. Move it!
  4. If you move all your ghosts, you win!



Bobbing For Apples:

What you need: Basin of water, 4 apples, some towels

How to play:

  1. 3/4 fill a basin with water. Pop in the apples
  2. Each player puts their hand behind their back and has one minute to bob or catch an apple in their mouth without using their hands.
  3. For younger ones, put less water in the basin and let them use one hand to push the apple into place – no holding!



What’s in the Cauldron?

What you need: Cooked spaghetti, 6 small items you can ‘hid’ in the spaghetti ( coins, top of a marker, battery, toy ring, Lego etc)

How to play:

  1. Cook the spaghetti, put it into a big bowl and cool a little (if it congeals, just soak in water again.)
  2. Put the 6 items into the spaghetti and mix
  3. Using only one hand, each child takes it in turns to find the items as fast as possible.


Halloween Bat

Bats Into Hell

What you need: 6 rolled up pairs of socks, small bin

How to play:

  1. Place the bin at one end of the room, players at the other.
  2. Each player has six attempts to get their ‘bats’ (socks) into hell (the bin). The winner is the person who gets the most!



Ghost In The Graveyard

  1. One player, chosen as the ghost must hide while all other players wait at ‘safety’ (anywhere decided in advance – a tree, kitchen table etc.)
  2. The players at safety all count together out loud from one o’clock all the way to midnight. When they strike midnight all players go off around the house to find the ghost.
  3. When a player spots the ghost they must shout “Ghost in the Graveyard” and all players run back to ‘safety’.
  4. On the way the ghost must try to tag as many players as he or she can. The player caught first plays the ghost next time round.

(Thanks to www.familyfun.ie for this game)


CatPin The Tail On The Cat

What you need: Big sheet of paper or newspaper, scissors and blu-tac, blindfold or scarf.

How to play:

  1. Print off this Cat printout and cut around it. Cut of it’s tail!
  2. Stick the body of the cat onto a big piece of paper or newspaper and put it up on the wall. Place a piece of blu-tac to the top of the cat’s tail.
  3. Mark a starting line a few feet from the cat.
  4. In turns each player stands at the starting line and holds the cat’s tail in their hand. Another player ties a blindfold/scarf around their eyes and spins them around three times so they are kind of in front of the cat. The player must walk forward and stick the cat’s tail to where they think the cat’s tail should be.
  5. The winner is the person who gets the tails closest to the right place.


Image source: Apples Leading Line Photography via Compfight cc

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