Fitness Testing For Children

Launching Soon: Ireland’s First Fitness & Skills Testing for Children!

In September Zoom Boom Kids will launch Ireland’s very first fitness and skills testing programme for children aged 4-12 years olds. The Zoom Boom Review will measure key elements of a child’s physical development such as upper and lower body strength, core strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and general fitness.

Children hanging on bars

These unique set of tests access how each child compares to the internationally established physical developmental milestones for their age. The tests are child-friendly and mainly based on general play. Our tests are also distinctive as they test children from age 4 years old and upwards.

The Zoom Boom Review is carried out by specially trained coaches among a group of children in a school or club setting. Group and individual reports are made available and individual corrective programmes can be designed for parents if needed. Pre and post testing is also available in conjunction with our Zoom Boom Club programme if desired.

Read our blog for more information.

Call Brenda today on 00 353 86 176 6000 or email Brenda for more information.

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