About Us

At Zoom Boom Kids we create therapy designed, intensive physical skills-building exercise programmes for children. Our programmes can be run in nurseries, primary schools and sports clubs and are based on child developmental milestones.

Our programmes are like ‘STRENGTH & CONDITIONING’ for kids but disguised as fun games and activities. They are designed for children of all abilities whether really sporty or with a coordination delay.

For a child to grow up to be a fit, healthy & active adult they need the following physical skills

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Upper & Lower Body Strength (including grip strength)
  • Core strength
  • General cardiovascular fitness

Many children today, due to sedentary family lifestyle and excessive screen time, are starting school and sport with poor basic skills. Some 6-7-year-olds, for example are unable to catch, hop or run properly. Some have poor core strength and struggle to sit upright at school. Many have poor coordination and grip strength and this shows up as poor handwriting and affects how they perform in sports.

Many children do not get enough ‘Rough & Tumble Play’ to build up spatial awareness, balance coordination & strength and end up with poorly developed motor and sensory systems. Children who are overweight or OBESE tend to have poorly developed basic physical skills too. Without these essential skills they will never become fit later in life and may never win the obesity battle.

More and more children are being diagnosed with a neurological condition called DYSPRAXIA (or DCD), referred to in the past as ‘The Clumsy Child Syndrome’ and also other motor sensory problems. Physical activity is essential for these kids for muscle & brain development.

Who We Are:

Zoom Boom Kids was set up by Brenda Cassidy, an occupational therapist, entrepreneur, child development expert and mum of three. Read more about Brenda.

Our team of expert Zoom Boom Kids Children’s Coaches are highly trained in child fitness, sports performance, developmental milestones and also in managing children with obesity & DYSPRAXIA. Our coaches are vetted and have completed‘Child Protection training.

We travel all over Ireland, Northern Ireland & the UK training teachers and sports coaches on our simple but highly effective physical skills building programmes, testing children’s fitness and delivering educational workshops.

Our Services:

Zoom Boom Kids Coaches offer the following services

  • Onsite training in running our Trinity College Dublin validated Zoom Boom Kids Club and Challenge (Strength and Conditioning programme). This comes complete with materials and follow up support.
  • Onsite physical skills and fitness testing for children age 3+
  • Interactive and practical workshops (2 hours each) for teachers, sports coaches and parents on building balance, coordination, flexibility & strength in children to improve function in school and sport
  • Interactive and practical workshops on didentifying and managing children with DYSPRAXIA and other motor/ sensory conditions in school & during sports training.

Contact Brenda today to find out more:

Email Brenda | Connect via LinkedIn | Connect via Twitter | Follow through ZBK Facebook

One comment

  • Hello Brenda I really enjoyed your chat on midwest radio yesterday.
    My son is nearly 11. I too fought hard for him as I knew something wasn’t right. He’s on the OT waiting list in Castlebar. I would love to go to one of your chats. Are you coming to Westport again?

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