Regulation Stations: Calming Kids In the Classroom

A unique system to calm kids with sensory issues, allowing them to get the best out of their school day

Regulation Stations is an easy to run and effective program where children with sensory issues complete a 20 to 30-minute circuit made up of a variety of therapy based but fun-laden activities.

The specially designed activities help children calm their mind, organise their thoughts, release their energy and return to the classroom ready to learn.

Zoom Book Kids are now offering this programme as an easy but vital tool for pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools. Regulation Stations help to settle the classroom and improve learning for both sensory children and the other children in the classroom whose schoolwork is may sometimes be disrupted.

We plan to train SNA’s, Resource Teachers and anyone on staff (or even approved/vetted school volunteers) via one-day workshops.

Schools across the country and world work with many children with disruptive behaviour that can be attributed to issues with sensory processing:

  • Shouting out or constant talking
  • Bumping and knocking into things and other kids
  • Constantly moving, fidgeting or chewing pencils
  • Finds it hard to sit on their chair for long periods of time
  • Covers their eyes or ears a lot
  • Prone to anxiety or meltdowns

These types of children are dysregulated. They have become hypersensitive or under-responsive to ordinary, everyday sensory stimuli. So their ‘acting out’ is just a way to release their energy or help themselves calm down.

Unfortunately, these children often become known as the unruly or naughty child. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

The aim of Regulation Stations is to address sensory issues so that children have a structured, safe and focused place to calm and organise themselves so they can learn better.

Regulation Stations is a positive daily morning program where children are brought together in groups of 2,3 or more. They are guided through specific, therapeutically designed and validated activities that can be easily run by SNA’s, resource teachers or other staff. The daily 20-30 minute program consists of 3 activity stations which focus on three specific elements:

  • A- Alerting the brain
  • B- Brain Organising
  • C- Calming the brain

Regulation Stations can be used for dysregulated children with ADHD, ADD, ASD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder or even children with generalised anxiety.

Regulation Stations use very little equipment (it is equipment most likely available in schools already) and can be run in a room or school hall.

This programme has been shown to ‘settle’ these children and help them become open for learning. Regulation Stations has been adapted from a wonderful programme which has been developed and run since 2008 in the UK called ‘Sensory Circuits’ by a paediatric Occupational Therapist called Jane Horwood. Many schools in the UK have used the program very successfully. We are now bringing this adapted version to Ireland.

If you would like to know more about how Regulation Stations can bring change to your school please get in touch:

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