Funpraxia: New eBook Launching in July

  • oes your child find it hard to sit up straight or concentrate?
  • Is your child’s handwriting poor or do they find it hard doing up with buttons or manipulating small objects?
  • Does your child avoid sports because it’s hard to catch the ball, balance properly or kick accurately?

Funpraxia cover (5)Funpraxia is a new and exciting resource for teachers, coaches and parents who have a child with Dyspraxia or other coordination issues. The resource book includes a 4 week guided programme that mixes fun and games with therapy based activities that target core strength, balance, coordination and other essential skills.

This eBooks contains:

  • 23 therapeutically designed games that are fun and adaptable
  • Colourful and descriptive images
  • Instructions on how the use the programme in school or at home
  • Programme tracker and rewards chart
  • Simple explanations and infographics explaining Dyspraxia and other issues
  • Lots of tips and hints

This eBook resource has been developed by Zoom Boom Kids founder Brenda Cassidy. An occupational therapist for over 20 years and mum to a child with Dyspraxia and Sensory Processing Disorder, Brenda brings together her professional experience with her passion for making therapy fun.

This resource book is for children aged 4-7 years and will be available on Amazon in July 2016. Further titles will be added to the collection and we will launch our online training in the autumn.

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Funpraxia cover (1)


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