Fun and physical workshops for kids!

If you wish to improve your student’s physical functioning or wish to help students with Dyspraxia or other motor sensory issues, a Zoom Boom Club is for you!

In a Zoom Boom Club your pupils will have fun playing lots of games while improving key skills, coordination, strength, muscle tone and general fitness. Our games are based on play, not always sport, and they have been developed by an occupational therapist and child development expert.

Our specially trained coaches work with teachers and coaches to show them how to deliver a Zoom Boom Club in their crèche, school or club. The highlights of our Zoom Boom Club programme include:

  • 6 weeks of prepared games and activities in an easy to use manual with images and helpful tips
  • Physical activity homework used as an incentive and rewards system
  • Individual trackers and club chart
  • Incorporates techniques to improve skills building, strength, cardiovascular, muscle tone etc
  • Modified for particular age groups
  • Closely linked to child development milestones
  • Specific focus on activities for children with Dyspraxia or motor development delays
  • Full, interactive and practical training and support given

Our clubs are for children aged 3-12 years old. All abilities are catered for but specific training is given to teachers and coaches to support children with Dyspraxia or other motor sensory issues.

The Zoom Boom Club is easy to run, cost-effective and the training is delivered in the host school or club. The training can be used as an in-service day or Croke Park day for teachers.

The Zoom Boom Club programme has been validated by Trinity College Dublin.

Contact Brenda today for more information: or 00 353 86 176 1600.


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