10 Indoor Winter Activities

Try our 10 most popular games to build coordination, flexibility, balance and overall fitness during the winter months!

  1. Stick on a ‘Just Dance’ video on YouTube and follow the moves
  2. Each person rolls a dice and has to do an assigned move that amount of times. Moves could be jumping jacks, 20-second job, tumble-over etc. You could also print out our handy Make And Move activity dice
  3. With a ball of wool and some masking tape set up a mission impossible ‘laser’ course in your hallway, between two walls. Duck and dive to make it to the end of the course
  4. Use rolled up socks to juggle
  5. Set up an obstacle course around the house. Plan your course – up the stairs, into an empty bath, change your shoes, around the coffee table etc.
  6. Make animal masks and have a parade walking and moving as your animal
  7. Throw down some old cloths and ‘skate’ around to polish the floor
  8. Indoor hula hoops. Try to beat your time!
  9. Keep a balloon off the ground in Keepie-Uppies – first, just use the upper body (arms, head, elbows) then just the lower body knees, legs, feet.
  10. Under the Bridge: One child makes a bridge by going up on their hands and feet, arching their back. Others try to get as many boats (tennis balls) under the bridge before it collapses!

FREE DOWNLOAD!  Download our activity sheet ‘Bad weather activities‘ which includes lots of other games and activities for indoor and outdoor fun.

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