12 Things To Do In The Snow!

2284539805_52b1fc4bdcHooray for the snow! If you’re an adult you probably looked out this morning and thought how much longer it would take you to get aroun. On the other hand, if you are a child you probably though about all the fun and adventure you can have outside!

At Zoom Boom Kids we believe in the phrase ‘there is no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothing!’ Basically, don’t let the weather stop you from getting out and being active. Just wrap up warm and get some waterproof gear (or pop inside during snow falls.)

Our recent dusting of snowy goodness means outside is looking oh so enticing! So get out there and have some fun. Here are 10 fun things you can do in the snow with your kids*:

1. Colour Your Snow

Water down some food colouring and pop into a spray bottle (there’s probably a nearly empty bottle under the sink!) Spray snow outside and see the colour appear!

2. Footprint Art

On fresh snow, get arty with your footprints. Spell out your name, draw a tree or a beach scene.

3. Build Olaf

Test your snowman making skills and see if you can build Olaf from Frozen. Or try building animals. Start with a caterpillar using lots of round balls of snow and little twigs for its face.

4. Ice-cube Scavenger Hunt

Fill an ice-cube tray with water and add a few drops of different food colouring. Once they are frozen take out and hide in the snow. Get the kids to go find!

5. Snow Angels

Lie down on the snow, stretch out your arms and legs and move them until you get a good ‘angel’ print in the snow

6. Footprint tag

Play tag but only step in footprints already there.

7. Puddle Splash

If you have wellies on and the snow has got a little slushy, jump in the puddles!

8. Snowball fight

Regular old throwing balls of snow at other people!

9. Animal Detection

In fresh snow have a look for animal footprints and see what animals are out enjoying the snow.

10. Snow Toss

Draw a three circles in the snow, each inside the other so you have three rings. Using snowballs see who can get their snowball closest to the centre.

11. Snow Slide

Find a gentle hill and with some bin bags make a slide by sitting on the bag and gone down hill to create a track. After a few goes the track will get slippery.

12. Vehicle Ski

Build a ski slope and track for your toy cars!

*Always be safe and assess the risks of each task depending on your child, the facilities around and how slippery the snow has made your play area.

Photo credit: Hamza Hydri via Compfight cc

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