Gotta Move It: 10 Reasons To Keep Kids Active

Even though I am an Occupational Therapist and a qualified Health, Fitness and Nutrition professional, I’m a mum first and foremost and always concerned that I do the right thing for my 3 children. Especially when it comes to keeping them healthy now and into the future.

I recently read that going by current trends we are on track to become the ‘Fattest nation in Europe by 2030’. And yes, that is the year when my kids (and yours) will become adults. Scary stuff.

But here at Zoom Boom Kids we know that physical activity isn’t all about weight. When we designed our Zoom Boom Boxes and Zoom Boom Clubs we wanted to focus on skills building and play. But there are many reasons to get and keep your kids active:

1. Get Smart

Physical activity makes kids SMARTER! As well as improving concentration kids who are regularly active are 15% more likely to go to University and have been shown to have 40% higher test scores!


 2. Get Thinking

Through play and physical activity children develop cognitive and thinking skills which include organisation, memory, problem solving, analysing/processing information and making decisions!


3. Get Happy

It improves mood and mental/emotional health. Vigorous activity releases the great hormone ‘endorphin’ from the brain. It is the ‘feel good hormone’. It works for kids too and most effective when children play outdoors!


4. Get Social

Physical skills games also promote great play, social skills and behaviour. Children learn how to take turns, how to share, to communicate effectively with others, how to wait and take instruction. Oh and not to mention confidence!


5. Get Balance

Physical activity balances out screen time. Research shows that 3 or more hours of screen time everyday can cause emotional and behavioural problems in children. Not to mention arguments getting them off the computer or TV!

Read:  Top tips for reducing TV Time


6. Get Coordinated

Building good gross and fine motor skills is essential for everyday activities like running, jumping, holding a pencil and sitting at a seat. Even before kids get into sports the basics need attention.

READ: Developmental milestones are sequential steps children go through in their development. At various ages children should be able to achieve an array of tasks e.g. jump with two feet, catch with one hand, hold their cup etc


7. Get Strong

Children need to be active and play to develop other basic physical skills such as balance, strength in legs and arms and core stability. Vigorous play for 1 hour a day  also develops general cardio fitness which is good for strengthening the heart and lungs.


8. Get Stronger

Physical activity makes kids bones and muscles stronger! Weight bearing activities such as jumping and hopping builds strong bones. Going to the park and swinging on a monkey pole or doing ‘bear walks’ inside the home is fantastic for building muscle strength


9. Get Fresh

It will reduce your children’s chances of becoming a smoker in the future dramatically. Active kids are more health conscious and will avoid activities that are detrimental to their well-being.


10. Get Health

Moving one hour a day will reduce your children’s risk of breast and colon cancer (among others) in the future by 25%. Getting active WITH your kids will reduce your risk of developing many diseases too.

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