Get Active with Chores

Floor Cleaning competition

Problem: Trying to clean the floors when my three kids are disrupting me and dirtying the floor.

Solution: A music fuelled floor cleaning competition!

Getting children to do chores is a great way of teaching them responsibility, the benefit of working together and let’s face it, it can cut your work down too! I know families who have chore charts and everyone has their tasks on different days. Equally, I know parents who don’t involve their children until they’re much older, if at all.

I think I’m somewhere in the middle.

Last week I hurt my foot but needed to get the downstairs floors swept and washed. My eight year old came up with a great idea: a floor cleaning competition for the six and four year old. Whoever did the best job sweeping and moping the floor would win two loom bands made by her. Wow did it work!

The floors were swept in no time!  Next I gave the kids an old cloth for each foot and everyone had to wash the floor by ‘skating’. I operated the floor cleaning spray. I put on YouTube too and everyone picked their favourite song to ‘skate’ to. ‘Happy’ and ‘Walking on Sunshine’ are good floor cleaning songs!

So not only did I get sparkling floors my kids moved lots and had a bit of fun too – there was lots of fancy hand movements going! And the winner of the competition? My eight year old, being as smart as she is, said two loom bands originally as she knew it would be a draw. So one loom band each for the younger ones.

My top tips for Children’s Chores:

  1. Choose chores that are age appropriate. Even toddlers can pick up toys or put clothes in the laundry basket. Don’t be afraid to start them young. But start easy.
  2. Give them something they can do repeatedly. They will master it and it will become a custom or ‘my chore’.
  3. Give praise for not only finishing the chore but also for trying or going through the various stages
  4. Don’t expect perfection. Find a balance between good enough for their age group and encouragement to try harder within their ability.
  5. Give boys and girls the same kind of chores. Bringing out the bins isn’t just for the male of the species!

How do chores work in your house?

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