Giving Parents a Helping Hand!

Kids bored

It’s a Wednesday evening Corrie. Your child is moping about, lamenting how bored she is. Or it’s Saturday morning and after 3 hours of TV and two bowls of cereal your son is stuck to the couch. Or more worryingly, you’re concerned that your child isn’t as coordinated as others his age or not meeting his/her physical skills milestones.

God help us but parenthood is full of trials and tribulations, isn’t it? I’ve three kids (8, 6 and 4) and it never stops. One of my biggest hassles is getting them to move more. I want them to be healthy and develop properly but I don’t have the time (or energy) to come up with appropriate games and activities for them all the time. That’s why I founded Zoom Boom Kids.

If you want……

  • Lots of game ideas and instructions
  • Ways to help develop their physical skills, strength, coordination and muscle tone
  • All the equipment provided to play the games and activities
  • Ways for your child to want to do more activity
  • Ability to reward your child
  • Encouragement and support

…… one of our Zoom Boom Boxes today!

Our boxes and more importantly our programme provide 4 weeks of progressive, age appropriate games and activities that will help your child develop essential physical skills. Not all children like sport so we have based our programme on play and fun games and activities. So you and your child will have buckets of fun along the way too!


Brenda | Founder, former occupational therapist and current super mum

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