Zoom Boom Kids is Born!

We’re delighted to announce that Zoom Boom Kids is live and ready for action! After months of preparation we’ve hit the big green button and will start bringing you the latest in physical games, activities, skills building and all things active and physical for children 🙂

Zoom Boom Kids was born in 2014 when occupational therapist Brenda Cassidy and marketing professional Taragh Donohoe joined forces. Together we are aiming to inject more physical activity into the lives of children.

The World Health Organisation recommends that children should do at least one hour of physical activity every day. But research shows:

  • Only 19% of 12 year old girls and 29% of 12 year old boys meet this recommendation
  • Children only get 45 minutes of PE in school a week
  • Children spend over 6 hours a DAY in front of screens

Unfortunately this inactivity is the cause of many physical and emotional conditions and illness not just in children but in the adults they become. Scarey but did you know that that more people die worldwide from inactivity related illness than smoking (5.3M versus 5M)?

Zoom Boom Kids wants to tackle this growing problem and get children doing more fun games and activities every day at home, school or in their community. We provide two products:

Zoom Boom Clubs for schools and sports clubs

This is a 6 week programme jammed packed with games and activities, all the equipment you need and physical activity homework with rewards.


Zoom Boom Boxes for children and families at home

In your box you get loads of toys and play items, over 25 games and activities to play and a calendar to track activity and collect rewards.


So we’re on a mission and we hope you can join our club! Keep up with our exploits through our website, Facebook and Twitter. And of course buy our products or recommend them to your friends, families and work colleagues!

Thanks for your support

Brenda & Taragh 😉

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