Welcome! This is what we do……

Welcome to Zoom Boom Kids! I'm Brenda Cassidy, Occupational Therapist, author and Mum of 3 kids- one of whom has dyspraxia & sensory processing disorder. As with many children, my child has a 'mix of conditions'. I call it 'something going on' or 'SGO'. These conditions are mind boggling enough for any parent or teacher to understand and at Zoom Boom Kids we take that pain away for you.

We offer the following services:
1. Training workshops for schools (teachers, resource & learning support, special needs assistants) on dyspraxia & sensory processing disorders- both live and via 'online workshops'.

2. Custom built programmes for schools to help manage physical and sensory issues which is prevalent in mainstream schools today.

3. One to One support via phone or skype for parents & teachers.

4. FUNPRAXIA- our resource book for teachers & parents which I published to help build physical skills in children at home and in school.

All of our training and resources are written in a down to earth way with no jargon! Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to find out more! help@zoomboomkids.com